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Connect, Communicate, Captivate—this is the heart of our Print Media Design. Far beyond ink on paper, we craft tangible brand experiences that touch, engage, and leave a lasting, memorable impression on your audience.

Crafting visual stories in print that engage and inspire.

What We Do

"Imagine your ideas springing to life." this is what KJP Designs makes happen. We specialise in print that not only showcases your brand but ensures every piece advances your objectives, embodying your brand's heart and soul.


Transform your message into an engaging story with our custom brochures that captivate and inform.


Spread the word with striking flyers designed to catch the eye and effectively communicate your events or promotions.

Package Designs

Our custom packaging significantly boosts your product's appeal and ensures a captivating visual presence.

Stationery Designs

From visiting cards to email signatures, our stationery designs make every brand contact memorable and professional.

Magazine Covers

Capture attention from the first glance with our magazine cover designs that are as compelling as the stories within.


Make a lasting first impression with custom signage that guides, informs, and reflects your brand's identity.


Whether it's for a trade show or a digital ad, our banners are designed to stand out and communicate your message clearly.


Ideal for events or promotions, our custom standees draw attention and deliver your message impactfully.

Our Process

Step into a world where your ideas are transformed into print masterpieces, blending innovation with your brand's essence for truly remarkable results. Together, we'll create standout solutions that speak volumes.

Discovery and Inspiration

Begin with sharing your vision and aspirations. Together, we delve into the essence of your brand, setting the stage for a journey that transforms your ideas into print. This initial exchange is where your story starts to take shape, guided by your goals and the emotions you aim to evoke.

Crafting Design Narrative

With the foundation set, our designers take the helm, translating your vision into visual narratives that speak volumes. This stage is an interactive dialogue, where your feedback and our creativity meet. Imagine this as refining the blueprint of your brand's message, ensuring it resonates with both you and your audience.

Selecting Perfect Medium

Just as an artist chooses their canvas, we explore the materials that will carry your message. This decision-making process is collaborative, focusing on how different textures, weights, and finishes can embody the quality of your brand. It's about dressing your message in its finest, ensuring it makes a lasting impression.

From Vision to Reality

As we move to the press, your project begins its transformation into tangible reality. This phase is punctuated with a final review, a moment for you to see your vision ready to materialise. Witness the merging of design and material as your ideas come alive, printed with precision and care.

Quality Assurance

Anticipation builds to the moment of reveal. Each piece is scrutinized under our rigorous quality checks, ensuring perfection. This step isn't just about meeting standards but exceeding your expectations. It's the excitement of seeing your project realized with unmatched quality.

Delivery & Support

The journey culminates with the delivery of your print materials, but our partnership is far from over. Holding the finished product in your hands marks the beginning of its impact on your brand. And as your brand evolves, we remain at your side, ready to adapt and embark on new adventures.


What makes print materials a crucial part of branding?

Print materials offer a tangible way for your audience to interact with your brand, creating a lasting impression. Unlike digital, print engages multiple senses – the feel of the paper, the visual appeal of the design, and even the smell of ink contribute to a memorable brand experience.

Can print services integrate with digital marketing strategies?

Absolutely. Print and digital marketing are complementary. Print materials can drive online engagement through QR codes, social media icons, and website URLs. This multi-channel approach maximises reach and reinforces your brand message across different mediums.

How do print materials influence customer perception?

The quality and creativity of your print materials directly reflect your brand's values and attention to detail. High-quality, well-designed print items suggest a commitment to excellence and build trust with your audience.

What role does customization play in print services?

Customization is key to standing out. Tailored designs, specific to your brand's identity and audience's preferences, ensure that your marketing materials resonate on a personal level. Custom print solutions can adapt to any campaign or event, making every interaction feel exclusive.
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